immigrate to canada work in usa, Latest Kerala News Headings from Malayalam Newspapers : Malayalam News Headings Updated Daily. Bookmark us for Malayalam News about India and Kerala
Latest Kerala News Headings from Malayalam Newspapers : Malayalam News Headings Updated Daily. Bookmark us for Malayalam News about India and Kerala. Buy Stock Photos
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Top News   Wednesday, April 28
Photos America doesn't want the world to see.. (the memory hole) some images are extremely graphic ..Due to a Freedom of Information Act request from The Memory Hole, the Air Force has released 361 photographs showing soldiers' remains arriving home. These are the images that the Pentagon prevented the public from seeing...Iraqi Mob Desecrates Americans' Bodies...
ADB warns of new Asian banking sector crisis (Manorama) India, Pakistan and Taiwan are at risk of a banking sector crisis unless the authorities push through reforms of the industry, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) warned on Wednesday. Lax regulations on provisioning, accounting and loan classification led to...
Outsourcing to India to rise 50% in '05 (Rediff) American companies plan to send as many as 50 per cent more work to India next year, the backlash in the US against job losses and outsourcing, notwithstanding.
Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Michelle Branch To Play For India (Undercover) On June 8, Los Angeles will play host to 'One Night In India', a concert to raise funds and awareness for the AIDS epidemic in India. Stars lined up to appear include Michelle Branch, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray, Damien Rice and Nitin Sawhney with remote appearances from Peter Gabriel and Coldplay. India has the second greatest population of AIDS sufferers after South Africa. The World Health Organisation predict that by the year 2010 there could be as many as 25 million people living with AIDS in India. That would put India in front of South Africa.
Sensex, Rupee crashes on exit poll results The exit poll results that indicated a hung Parliament created nervousness in the financial markets here, sending stocks, rupee and government bonds into a tailspin after panic investors pressed the sell button. The Bombay Stock Exchange bench-mark Sensex index crashed by a whopping 213.30 points- its biggest single day losses in three years...

Top Kerala News   Wednesday, April 28
Mahdhani's detention inhuman: HC (Kaumudi) The Kerala High Court observed that the People's Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Abdul Nasar Mahdhani's six-year detention, without conviction, is ''inhuman'' and violation of personal freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

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