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Alathiyur Hanuman Temple

Alathiyur Hanuman Temple: Kerala Temples

The Hanuman Temple is located at Alathiyur near Tirur in the Malappuram district of Kerala. According to legend, the Purumthrikkovil idol of Hanuman was consecrated by Sage Vasastha 3000 years ago in 1000 BC. Over the years the custodians of the temple were Alathiur Grama Namboodiri, Sri Vittath Raja, and the Zamorin Raja of Korikode.
Even though the main deity of the temple is Sri Rama this temple is famous and known as a Hanuman temple. Sage Vasatha installed the temple at the place where Sri Rama gives instructions to Sri Hanuman before his going to Lanka in search of Sita. The idol of Hanuman is adjacent to the main temple of Sree Rama. Sree Hanuman stands leaning forward as if to hear his master's words with a club in his hand. The temple of Sri Lakshmanan is situated a few metres outside the main temple. It is believed Sri Lakshmanan was keeping away allowing Sri Rama and Hanuman to talk confidentially. Here there is a platform commemorating Sri Hanuman's jump over to Lanka over the sea. In one end of the platform there is a Long Granite stone (Symbolizes the Sea) where devotees run on the platform and jump over the long Granite Stone. It is said that doing this jump in this temple brings great luck, health, long life, and wealth to all who perform this jump. Sri Hanuman of Alathiyur not only eliminates all mental agonies and fear of his devotees but fulfils all their desires.
The Indian Government nationalized all Hindu temples. Years of neglect by the Indian government have resulted in extensive damage and presently the Temple needs to be renovated. The local population and the devotees have now embarked on a renovation program under the guidance of the temple manager.

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