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Ammathiruvadi Temple

Ammathiruvadi Temple: Kerala Temples

Ammathiruvadi Temple is located about 12 km away from Thrissur town in Kerala state, south India, in the village of Urakam. It is regarded as one of the great 108 Durga temples.


According to the Kerala folklore, Poomulli Namboothiri (also sometimes referred to as Thiruvalayannur Bhattathiri) founded Ammathiruvadi temple about 700-1000 years ago. The temple site was once the location of the Namboothiri's household. Urakam was then a part of the Peruvanam village (one of the 64 villages of ancient Kerala). Legend has it that Namboothiri went to Kanchipuram to visit the Kamakshi Amman Temple, and, happy with the devotion of the Namboothiri, Kanchi Kamakshi decided to come to Kerala on his palm leaf umbrella. He reached home and placed the umbrella on the floor of his house. When he came back later he was unable to take back the umbrella. It was heavily grounded to the floor. Later upon further investigation it was revealed that Kanchi Kamakshi was residing on that umbrella. The goddess came in Namboothiri's dreams that night and let him know that he was supposed to build a temple for the goddess, and leave Urakam. She also let him know that he was to find an idol in a well far away and reinstate the goddess from the umbrella onto that idol. Namboothiri did as the goddess wished. He built the temple, left all that he owned to the temple, and gave the administration to the Kingdom of Kochi. From then on the goddess was known as the Ammathiruvadi.


The temple consists of the two majestic and lofty Gopurams (ornamental gateways), the Mathilkettu (compound walls), Ootupura (feeding hall), Naalambalam (building immediately surrounding the sanctum sanctorum) and the double storied Sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum).

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