Kerala  Temples
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Arattupuzha Temple

Arattupuzha Temple: Kerala Temples

The Arattupuzha Temple is the famous Sree Sastha temple situated at Aarattupuzha, a beautiful village located 15 km away from Thrissur town in Kerala, India. The road that leads to this temple is 2 km to the east from Tevar Road Bus stop on the Thrissur - Kodungallur route.


The antiquity of this temple dates back 3000 years. The temple has been the host of the most ancient and well-known yearly "Devamela" (a festival when all gods and goddesses assemble) at Aarattupuzha.
The divine essence of all forms of God is assimilated in the deity. With folded left leg and the folded right leg placed closer to the left foot, and resting the left hand on the left lap, the deity sits in a serene posture, with an "Amrutha Kalasa" in His right hand resting on the right knee.
It is believed that the deity of Arattupuzha temple is the embodiment of the divine potential of Guru Vasishta, the great master of Lord Sree Rama. This is one of the rare temples devoid of any other deities. There is an unusual, celestial power that radiates the temple.

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